What’s hidden behind the community center Stardew Valley?

What’s hidden behind the community center Stardew Valley? Behind the Community Center, hidden by the roof, against the wooden fence to the right there is a Stone Junimo statue which can be obtained with a pickaxe. You can still get the statue even if you purchased the Joja membership.

Does the community center do anything Stardew Valley? For every bundle set you complete, you’ll not only restore one of the rooms in the center, but part of Stardew Valley itself. This includes rebuilding the greenhouse on your farm and repairing bus. There is, however, another route you can take to bringing the valley back to life.

What does secret note 11 mean in Stardew Valley? What To Do With Secret Note 11 in Stardew Valley? Unlike the other hidden messages in Stardew Valley, Secret Note 11 has no meaning or purpose aside from simply being a collectible. As you’ve probably figured out, the note cannot be expanded and is merely a picture of an older woman holding hands with a little girl.

What is the secret in the dark tunnel Stardew? The only feature of interest in the Tunnel is a panel near the middle of the tunnel that can be opened using a Battery Pack. Secret Note #22 hints at the existence of this panel, as does a Lost Book. Opening the panel starts “The Mysterious Qi” quest, eventually providing access to the Casino.

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What happens after you finish the community center?

After finishing the Community Center or Joja Community Development Form, you’ll learn from Willy that he has an old boat he wants to fix up. Once you help him fix it by bringing the right materials, he’ll be able to take you to Ginger Island.

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How do you get the secret note in Stardew Valley 10?

Secret Note #10

Becomes available only after completing the “Qi’s Challenge” quest. Reading Secret Note #10 adds the “Cryptic Note” quest to the journal. To fulfill the quest, reach level 100 of the Skull Cavern.

What can you do with Junimo statue?

It may be placed anywhere in Stardew Valley, indoors or out. Look behind the Community Center, hidden by the roof, against the wooden fence to the right. A tool like the pickaxe is required to remove the statue and take it into inventory.

How do I get a secret note 20?

When Secret Note 20 spawns, players will need to head to the center of the eye in town square. They will need to follow the direction of each arrow until they hit a permanent obstacle, then make the next turn.

What do the GREY hearts mean Stardew Valley?

The grey hearts simply signify that you are unable to fill them. To solve this, simply give them a Bouquet when at 8 Hearts. This should only show up for marriageable characters. Beware, once you give them the bouquet they become your girlfriend/boyfriend, so only give it to the character you intend to marry.

Where can I find pennies?

Penny can usually be found in town reading or cleaning up at the trailer she lives in with Pam. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday she tutors Jas and Vincent at the museum, walking them both home afterwards. She doesn’t tutor in the Summer season.

How do I trigger the mysterious Qi quest?

Walk alongside the northern wall and you will find an electrical panel that is inactive. Take your battery pack and then plug it into this panel and you will receive a message. This triggers the quest.

How do you find Mr Qi?

He can be found inside the casino whenever it is open. He also can be found on Ginger Island, in his walnut room, once the player has obtained 100 Golden Walnuts. Here, he will give the player special Qi challenges.

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Is Abigail the Wizards daughter?

But the most damning piece of evidence comes from the Wizard, who confesses that one of Pelican Town’s residents may be his long-lost daughter. He never goes into further detail, but that comment, paired with his implied secret affair with Caroline, all but confirms the Wizard is indeed Abigail’s biological father.

Does Sebastian have a crush on Abigail?

4 He Has A Crush On Abigail

Plus, Sam, a member of Sebastian’s band, may mention off-handedly that Sebastian really wanted Abigail to be their drummer “for some reason.” Should the player marry Maru, Sebastian’s half-sister, she’ll comment that she wishes Sebastian would just ask Abigail out.

What happens if you join JOJA Mart?

Buying a JojaMart Membership in Stardew Valley will unlock a new, far more corporate, route for restoring the valley. Replacing the Community Center bundles with the Community Development Projects, the JojaMart Membership route is a permanent change to your save file.

Can you play Stardew Valley forever?

Once the cabins are built, you can start local co-op for up to three other people from game menu. It’s a comfortable “forever” game in a normal year and a nice cure to pandemic blues if you need it. Stardew Valley’s 1.5 Update is available now on PC.

Does Stardew Valley ever end?

10 Is There An End? No, As There Continues To Be Updates. One of the biggest questions in Stardew Valley is whether there is actually an end to the game or not. And the answer is: there isn’t one.

How rare is the dinosaur egg in Stardew Valley?

The chance is still small (around 0.8 or 0.9%), but still slightly higher than from an artifact spot, which are less common than fishing treasure chests as well. It doesn’t matter where you fish, but you will need to have a Fishing skill level of at least 2 and to have found at least one artifact this way.

How do you use the magnifying glass in SDV?

Follow the shadow creature into town and you’ll see some footprints in the snow that lead to a bush in the playground. Shake the bush and the creature will spring out. Introducing themselves as Krobus, they give you the magnifying glass and run away. Now you can read secret notes.

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How do you get the statue behind Mayor Lewis?

Mayor’s secret project. The Solid Gold Lewis statue can be obtained by solving the puzzle depicted in Secret Note #19. Placing the Statue anywhere in Pelican Town results in an additional secret.

Where do you put the Lewis statue?

The player can place the solid gold Lewis statue anywhere in Pelican Town. Overnight, the statue will be replaced with a rotten plant, and players will receive an unsigned note from Mayor Lewis in their mailbox.

What is the sweetest taste in Stardew Valley?

What Master Cannoli is really looking for is a sweet gem berry which is described in game as “the sweetest thing you’ve ever smelled.” To get a sweet gem berry, players will first need to track down rare seeds. Rare seeds are sold by the traveling cart that sometimes sets up shop below the player’s farm.

How do you get Junimos?

Players can purchase a Junimo Hut from the Wizard after completing the Goblin Problem Quest. Once placed, Junimos will live in the hut on the player’s farm. They’ll automatically harvest any ripe crops within range of the hut and store them inside, where they can be gathered by the player at any time.

Where is the secret woods in Stardew Valley?

Of the various maps to choose from to explore in the game, the Secret Woods lies hidden in the Cindersap Forest, a large area located in the southwestern region of Stardew Valley. While the Secret Woods are hard to find, there are multiple tasks to be completed upon arrival.

Who is the best spouse in Stardew Valley?

When it comes to Stardew Valley, Abigail is undeniably the best potential marriage partner. Ignoring that Abigail is the only partner who will join you in the mine for adventures and play video games with you, no other love interest is as imaginative and energetic as Abigail. Also, she eats quartz.