Weekly Time Sheet Template

Using effective weekly time sheet helps in recording and calculating billable hours and non-billable hours from the hours worked. This is a net calculation of man hours a company spends. Ideally, a Weekly Time Sheet has information about the hours worked in a week, in the decimal format.

A weekly time sheet should ideally begin with the details of the company. This includes the name of the company and the slogan, if any. Include the company logo too, if you wish. The address of the company should come next. The company’s official address, the phone number of the company, its email and website address should come next. Select details for the gross amount calculation for payment purposes. You can choose the currency you work with. Most templates of weekly time sheet will have this option. However, it is optional.

Other information required in a weekly time sheet is the department name, employee id, the employee name, employee phone number, employee email, manager name, and the week commencing. Put in the department name that the employee works in, their employee id, and the name of the particular employee. You should also note the telephone number of the employee in case they need to be contacted and their email id, in case they are not available on the phone. Include the name of the manager that the employee reports to, and the date of the first day of the week.

Put in the basic number of hours value in the weekly time sheet for both daily and weekly calculation. This is generally a reference value for payroll calculations. Overtime should also be entered in a weekly time sheet. In the middle section of the weekly time sheet maintain the Time In and Time Out information of employees. This should be done before and after breaks. The total work hours are calculated by adding the hours worked between breaks. The total hours worked, when subtracted from the total net hours worked gives you the overtime hours.

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Weekly Timesheet Template Excel



Weekly Timesheet with Sick Leave


The hours spent in a working week should be under categories like basic hours, overtime, holidays, vacation, and sick leave. In a weekly time sheet you also need to mention the hourly rate for each of these categories. The amount calculated is the total pay earned for each category needs to be calculated separately. The gross pay is then published. A weekly time sheet will calculate results for one week only.

A weekly time sheet not only tracks working hours for an employee on a weekly basis but also helps calculate the employees’ pay. The weekly time sheet should be printed out and sent to the concerned manager for their approval. An effective weekly time sheet should also illustrate an employee’s efficiency and commitment. The net hours worked when seen in the light of actual work done will give an accurate idea about how much work the employee is capable of doing in a week. The higher the ratio, the better for the employee and the company alike.