Physical Education Lesson Plan Template

You must have observed that physical education teachers are a bit different from other regular classroom teachers. This is because the physical education teacher teaches different objectives and need to plan carefully. While preparing the lesson plan for physical education, the instructors have to balance everything. He/she has to see the abilities of the students, the equipment availability and the time required by the students to learn. While working on the lesson plan for physical education, the instructor’s foremost priority must be the physical safety of students.

The instructor should make sure that the mind and body of the student is ready to learn and engage in physical activities. They should plan limited space for the written work. The physical activities are played in teams and groups. Children learn to practice teamwork. The physical instructor must search for interesting games on the internet which take place in different disciplines and share them with their students. In this way, they will develop trust building among each other. Following are some tips to prepare the lessons for physical education. This will include different activities for the students.

The instructor must plan such activities that will prepare the students for an active and healthy life. It will help to reduce stress and maintain the discipline in their daily life. The instructor can categorize the activities according to the grades of the students. The instructor can also do prize distribution once in a week for students who actively take part in physical activities. Teach the students main concepts and let them practice as much as they want. When you finish the practice, make sure that the student’s body goes back to relaxed state. While preparing the lessons for physical education, the instructor must ensure student safety. When they take part in physical activities, they exercise daily. The instructor can ask for a relay race.

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Here are some activities that will keep the students engage in physical activities and it can be included in lesson plan for physical education.

Music Movement:

The students will move on the beat of the music. The music can be in the form of words, tune and other musical sounds. This activity will also help the student to work in group and coordinate with each others.

Boom over Movement Game:

This is the most popular game in physical education class. In this game, the students quickly change the direction. The students are asked to pretend that they are standing on a sail boat. The sail boat is standing in the middle of the sea. The students have to run fast and change the direction which is based on the verbal command given by the instructor. The students only need to avoid being hit or touched by the imaginary boom nearby.

Animal Laps Game:

It is one of the most exciting games played by the children. In this game, the instructor can tell the children about the speed and movement of animals, and then the instructor will ask the students to run in laps. This is an outdoor activity that helps the children to get refreshed.

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